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Daniel Jones

MI-CEMI Project Coordinator

Daniel “Danny” Jones is a mediator, facilitator, speaker, and organizer. As a former Juvenile Lifer, Danny spent his time inside doing deep, introspective work, and mentoring others. In 2012, he worked to develop the Personal Enrichment and Parole Readiness program, which is now used in several prisons across the state. Upon his re-sentencing and release in March of 2019, Danny worked with AFSC to facilitate a national convening on Ending Perpetual Punishment, and has recently been contracted to continue this work in Washington, D.C. in an “Unlock the Box” campaign to end solitary confinement. In addition to working with MCYJ, Danny is currently completing his Associates Degree in Business Management, has started his own company, IN POSITION, LLC. , and above all, is enjoying his freedom.  

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