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Felicia Cash

Youth and Family Organizer

Felicia Cash is a lifelong Detroit Native who joined MCYJ as a part-time, contractual Youth and Family organizer in October 2022. Felica is experienced in urban community revitalization, parent advocacy, and program support, including implementation and facilitation. Felicia’s entire career and volunteer involvement are built upon her passion for creating champions for children, mothers, and families.


Felicia has spent the past 20 years supporting parent engagement, improving human services delivery and processes, organizing communities, and building momentum to ignite change and growth. As a mother of two sons, she understands the importance of providing parents and families with resources and designing a safe and constructive landscape for their voices to be uplifted, as well as building youth advocates and leaders while creating policies that support justice-impacted youth. 


Felicia takes pride in her life commitment to always fight for youth and families to have a seat at the table, their voices in the room, and their names in the narrative.

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