Juvenile records do not automatically go away when they turn 18, contrary to what most people believe.

Michigan is one of only nine states that still allows for complete public access to most youth records. These practices are harmful to both youth and the communities they reside in. By limiting the opportunities youth have, we are limiting their chances of success in the future.

  • Senate Bill 681 proposes legislation that will improve upon the existing legislation to make an automated system for setting aside juvenile records

  • Senate Bill 682 improves confidentiality practices for youth records.


These two important pieces of legislation will better the outcomes of youth involved in the justice system.

SB 681 and 682 are currently being debated in the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety.

Join us in urging the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Public Safety to vote "YES" on SB 681 and SB 682! SUBMIT THE FORM BELOW!

Juvenile Record Confidentiality

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