Our Vision 

Our Vision is a fair and effective justice system for Michigan's children, youth, and young adults.


Our Mission

We work to advance policies and practices that reduce confinement and support trauma-informed, racially equitable, socio-economically and culturally responsive, community-based solutions for Michigan’s justice-involved children, youth and young adults.

Our Core Values

At MCYJ, we value:

Community and Connection: Youth deserve to remain connected to their families and communities, even if they become justice system-involved. They should be recognized for their strengths and value, not just for their mistakes.

Effectiveness: We are results-driven and work with integrity. We can be counted on to deliver fair, equitable justice reform for Michigan’s children, youth and young adults.

Equity: All youth are treated in a fair and just manner by the youth justice system, regardless of who they are or where they come from.

Inclusion: People who are impacted by a problem should be at the center of our advocacy. We believe in creating a big tent - nonpartisanship and divergent perspectives create better solutions.

Possibility: Every problem has a solution if we work together, think outside the box, and are willing to try new things. 

Restoration: The youth justice system should be restorative and rehabilitative. Kids who get in trouble are still kids.