Our Vision 

Our Vision is a fair and effective justice system for Michigan's children, youth, and young adults.


Our Mission

We work to advance equitable youth justice policies and practices that protect young people and help them achieve their full potential. 

Our Core Values

At MCYJ, we value:

Community and Connection: Youth deserve to remain connected to their families and communities, even if they become justice system-involved. They should be recognized for their strengths and value, not just for their mistakes.

Commitment: We can be counted on to persist in our work for fair, equitable justice reform for Michigan's children, youth, and young adults. We will never stop re-imagining compassionate solutions.

Equity: All justice-involved youth are treated in a fair and just manner that considers the systematic practices and biases related to identity, background, and personal experience.

Inclusion: We believe that diverse perspectives create better solutions. Families who are impacted by the youth justice system should be at the center of our work.

Restoration: The youth justice system should be restorative and rehabilitative. Kids who get in trouble are still kids.