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The Table:
Conversations on Youth Justice
Season 2 is here

Welcome to The Table, where we discuss issues of youth justice in Michigan and occasionally nationwide. New episodes of The Table are released each month. We discuss current issues, reports, and sometimes host a guest.

You can listen to The Table wherever you find your podcasts! Remember to rate, review, and subscribe.

If you have any questions or comments, get in touch with Husain Haidri. We love hearing from you!

— Episodes —

Latest Episode

Season 2

Episode 1

2023 Legislative Landscape & Role of Fear in Policy-Making

Episode 5

Diverting Youth from the Juvenile Justice System

Episode 2

The Juvenile Public Defense System in Michigan


Episode 3

The Juvenile Justice

System at the the Local Level


Episode 4

The Reality of

Legislative Advocacy


Season 1

Episode 1

Introduction to

Juvenile Justice

Episode 2

Campaign Spotlight:

Debt-Free Justice

Episode 3

Report Review:

COVID-19's Impact on

Youth Justice

Episode 4

Supreme Court Cases That Made Juvenile Life

Without Parole

Episode 5

Juvenile Life Without Parole:

Where Are We Now?

Episode 6

Campaign Spotlight:

Raise the Age

Episode 7

Issue Overview:

Raise the Floor

Episode 8

Season Finale!

Task Force Recommendations with Justice Elizabeth Clement

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