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Our Staff & Contractors

Our Staff 

Heidi Frankenhauser is smiling, wearing a green top that compliments her green eyes, and shoulder length grey-blonde hair.

Deputy Director

Jennifer Peacock has brown, curly hair past her shoulders as she smiles in a light blue blouse.

Policy Director

Jason 2022 Headshot

Executive Director

Macayla Jones smiles while wearing a black top with a tan sweater.

Communications Coordinator

Contractors & Consultants

Alan C. Young & Associates logo of an upside-down red triangle, with ACY in white capital letters at the center.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Felicia Cash smiles with a black bob while wearing a black top.

Youth and Family Organizer

Carlton Mayers II smiles wearing black glasses in a suit.

Kalamazoo Project Consultant


Outreach and Engagement

David Rosen smiles wearing light and dark brown colored glasses in a white shirt.

Director of Development

Mary King has shoulder length brown hair with bangs and she smiles.

Consultant; Former Executive Director

Weemhoff Michelle -Social Work_150_edite

Senior Policy Advisor 

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