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Carlton T. Mayers, II, Esq.
Kalamazoo Project Consultant

As the Founder, Owner, and Head Consultant of Mayers Strategic Solutions, LLC, Carlton T. Mayers, II, Esq. consults with communities nationwide to reimagine public safety by using the Community Empowerment-centered® approach to identify, strategize, and implement long-term and positive change in practices, policies, and culture through the C.A.T. Method®. 


In partnership with the Michigan Center for Youth Justice, Mr. Mayers is helping to further the work of a 2021-2022 project to create an anti-racist juvenile justice system in Kalamazoo. In collaboration with the Campaign for Criminal Justice Transparency, he is working to implement the recommendations of MCYJ report, “Closing the Gate: Creating an Anti-Racist Juvenile Justice System in Kalamazoo.”


Mr. Mayers previously directed the national Criminal Justice Reform program at NAACP National Office and co-authored the “NAACP Born Suspect: Racial Profiling Report” published in 2014. He also worked for NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. in Washington, D.C. as Policy Counsel for the Policing Reform Campaign where he supported advocacy efforts in Ferguson, Missouri, Baltimore, Maryland, North Charleston, South Carolina, and New York City. Additionally, Mr. Mayers directed Criminal Justice Reform in Florida at Southern Poverty Law Center and led the Criminal Justice Reform program at Heartland Alliance in Chicago, Illinois.

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